2020 SC United Invitational

February 1 

Final Schedule

Saturday Febryary 1, 2020


Session 1 Level 4 and Xcel

8:00am General Stretch
8:20am Timed Warmup
8:55am Competition Start


Session 2 Level 5, 6 and JD

10:15am General Stretch
10:35am Timed Warm up
11:20am Competition Start

Session 3B and 3B NAIGC Men and Women

1:00pm General Stretch
1:30PM Competiton Start
Warmup Compete Format

Session 4 ASU-SC United - NorCal United and Level 7-10

5:00pm General Stretch
5:30pm Open Warmup except PBars will be timed.
7:00pm Competition Starts

This will be Collegiate Format with 2 min one touch

Host Hotels:

Meet Info

Arizona State vs SC United vs Nor Cal Condors

Welcome to the SC United Invitational.

Just like SC United is not your usual College Team, the competition you are about to enter is far beyond of what you would expect from a gymnastics meet. Aside from the great venue and location, the judges we will bring in, the college competition, the special awards , SC United has added a special kick to this event to create even more excitement on the competitive floor.

In addition to the individual and team awards we have added "Hybrid Teams". As a College Team SC United wants to promote college gymnastics on every level, that means the names of the hybrid teams will be our current existing NCAA Teams. In the Level 4 - 8 sessions each gymnast will be randomly assigned to a hybrid team. On top your other awards the gymnasts of the top three teams emerging will receive another special award. 

In addition to the Three Team College competition and the three Rotations of Level 9 and 10 Junior session we will take it up even a notch more.  We will create "Hybrid Teams" ( the names of these teams will popular gymnastic skills like "Team Magyar" Team Kovacs, etc) competing under similar conditions as all our NCAA and GymAct Teams in a Five Up Five Count!

The hybrid teams will be comprised of five gymnasts per event randomly selected, one gymnast from ASU, one from SC United, one from NorCal Condors , one Level 9 and one Level 10.

There will be live scoring and a running team score for Team and Hybrid Teams.

Lets get exited, don't miss out on this event. Register now!

2020 SC United Benefit Invitational
Feb 01, 2020, 8:00 AM
Robertson Gymnasium

Fundraiser Dates

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