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Southern California United handstands
Our Mission.
Dilshan Kavin swinging pommel horse
Our History.
Joshua Sanchez dismounting rings
Our Cause.

Our goal is to provide Southern Californian gymnasts the opportunity to continue training in a quality and high performing environment, also affording them the opportunity to compete for a college team under NCAA / GymACT rules. By this, we hope to continue the heart and spirit of men's competitive gymnastics: a sport in decline that needs to be re-energized.

In 1969, there were 234 schools that sponsored NCAA men's gymnastics. Upon the introduction of Title IX in 1972, seen as a step toward gender equality in the collegiate sports world, men's college gymnastics programs declined. Out of those 234 men's  programs that once existed, now only 16 Division I Men's Gymnastics teams exist in the NCAA today.

From the vision of Head Coach Heinz Schulmeister, Southern California United was established in June of 2014. Just nine months later, SCU gymnast Douglass Johnson won All Around Gold at the 2015 USAG Men's Collegiate National Championships and became a two-time All American. Since then, SC United has produced many All Americans, several individual event finalists, and Winter Cup qualifiers.

With our goal to offer collegiate athletes an affordable plan to continue their training, we are in need of private support from alumni and friends to rebuild college gymnastics in Southern California. These contributions are needed to bridge the gap for future student-athletes to pursue their scholastic and competitive aspirations.

Your help is essential to help keep dreams alive.

SC United  is a member of AGSEP, a 501 (c) 3, and appreciates your support. 

SC United is excited to have found a Home Training Site at New Hope Gymnastics in Fountain Valley. While all training locations remain and you can still choose any college you like in Southern California, there are advantages to train with the team at New Hope. We do recommend to choose a college near our main facility which are listed here:




Champion Gymnastics SAN DIEGO

Coach Patty's CAMARILLO


Pacific Coast SAN  MARCOS


Perfect 10 TEHACHAPI


UC Los Angeles Westwood

Gymnastics World CHATSWORTH

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