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Southern California United Sponsorship Opportunity

Over the past decades many great college sports lost support from colleges due to cost pressures and popularity of too many sports. Gymnastics lost support in Southern California which forced students to decide between their gymnastic and Olympic dreams or their choice of college. This organization is making history to end this loss, but also constructs a national template to reignite Olympic dreams and foster academic pursuits.

Our association was founded for the sole purpose to make both of these dreams possible. In less than just three months after founding this organization, there are now eight gymnasts on the Southern California United team, attending college in Southern California and realizing their dreams with the support of this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

While our goal is lofty in spirit and dedication to these gymnastic dreams, the costs are not unlike most sports and we need your help. Our funding needs are as challenging as achieving gold at the Olympics. We would love to award your company the “gold medal” for their support and sponsorship of these great collegiate athletes.

As of this post, eight gymnasts are currently training with their first competition in December! Our costs prove challenging and include coaching, travel, room and board, uniforms, insurance, equipment; annual needs are now exceeding $68,000. We would greatly appreciate an opportunity to garner your help and sponsorship.


We can entertain typical sponsorship benefits for your organization. Examples include large hanging banners at our training centers and competition events, corporate recognition on our website that links to your website, names or logos on team jackets, and admission tickets to competition events. Approximately 98% of funding directly supports these athletes!

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